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Roles   [Top of Page]

To successfully complete this Quest you will need to work cooperatively in groups of four. Each student in the group will need to assume one of the four roles.

Founder      -Research and find who discovered each of the constellation and when each were discovered

Storyteller   -Research and find one story behind each constellation and where it originated

Sky Gazer   - Research and find when and where each constellation can be seen in the night sky

Constructor  -Research and find what important stars make up each constellation


Task   [Top of Page]

1. Once you have found your group of four, decide who is going take on which role.

2. In your group, create a PowerPoint that includes the information the founder, storyteller, sky gazer and constructor discovered about one of the constellations. The presentation should be at least four slides and no more than nine slides. Each groups presentation needs to be at least four minutes and less than eight minutes in length.

3. With the constellation your group choose create an original myth behind the selected constellation. Within your group, a one page typed, double spaced paper is required.



Process   [Top of Page]

1. Explore at least five of the following sites to learn about your constellation. You may want to take notes about your role. If more than five sites are required, you may search until you have enough information to fill a maximum of two powerpoint slides.

a. Click Go To Sites to view the possible sites you may explore.

b. Click on each book for the review:


Image of book title Glow In The Dark Constellatios by C. E. Thompson

To explore similar authors, click on the campers.


To read the reviews, click on the night sky.

Image of book title Find the Constellations by H. A. Rey

To explore similar authors, click on the title.


To read the reviews, click on the night sky.



2. When the required information is found by visiting five or more sites, as a group, create a powerpoint presentation for the class about your constellation. The powerpoint needs to be a minium of five slides and a maximum of nine. The entire presentation length needs to be within the four to eight minute range.

a. As a group, a storyboard showing what is on the title page must be created.

b. Individually, each person must create a storyboard showing what is his or her one or two slide(s).

c. Create a title page. The background of this page must be an image of your group's constellation.

d. Individually, create your slide(s) describing your role. Each person is required to present at least one minute but no more than two.


3. Each group is required to create an orginal myth and a one page paper that is typed and double spaced explaining your orginal myth about your constellation.

a. Research the given myths found on the given websites.

b. Discuss and brainstorm three possible orginal myths your group could type a one page paper describing.

c. As a group select one orginal myth from the three your group brainstromed and type a paper that is double spaced explaining your orginal myth about your constellation.





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